NJDEP Announces New Submittal Process for Water and Wastewater Licenses

On April 15, the DEP announced an updated application process for license applications for water and wastewater.

The process has two steps wherein the applicant completes and returns by postal mail at hard copy the application COVER page and a $70 application fee and emails the remainder of the application and other necessary documentation.

The online portion of the application is in writeable pdf form that can either be filled out completely or printed, completed and signed and then scanned. Instructions are here: https://www.state.nj.us/dep/exams/docs/adm035_checklist.pdf

The NJDEP recently announced that it was replacing five of the six Water and Wastewater Licensed Operator Board of Examiners.

The outgoing members of the board are Dennis Palmer, Steve Dowhan, Gary Fare, Oleg Kostin and Richard Russo. Wendy DeSimone retained her board seat. The new board members are Ron Anastasio, JoAnn Mondsini, Robert Genetelli, Robert Koches and Kouao-Eric Ekoue. David Fields, Charles Jenkins and Pat Gardner are the DEP representatives.

Commissioner Shawn LaTourette’s administrative order making the new appointments also ordered that Ms. Gardner would chair the board until bylaws were drawn up and a chair selected accordingly. AEA, in an April 14 letter, recognized the volunteer service of the long-serving, outgoing members and congratulated the new members.

AEA asked the Commissioner to consider AEA input on future appointments and to resume the informal past practice of consulting with two other water/wastewater sector groups as well. AEA also urged the Commissioner to appoint AEA nominee Pam Carolan to the the second of two seat on the Water and Wastewater Licensed Operator Advisory Committee.

By statute AEA has two seats. One is held by Rick Eustace. In 2017, AEA submitted Eustace for reappointment and Carolan for first-time appointment but no action was taken. 

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